Unconditional L…

The concept of unconditional anything kind of blows my socks off. It’s an unrealistic ideology. Expectations are premeditated resentments. How often these words have been in the forefront of my mind. Yet I hardly ever sit with expectations I have on life, love, friendship, and more profoundly, self, long enough to realize the pedestalled ideal … More Unconditional L…


As a practitioner of the principle of ahimsa, albeit a poor practitioner, I have had to acknowledge the hypocrisy in my life as I move closer to embracing certain qualities. By definition, Ahimsa relates to non-harmfulness. Meaning that as a practitioner I do not wish harm to any living creature or even to any lifeless object. … More Ahimsa


For some balance is not even a concept on the radar. The myopic focus on the perceived brass ring is the driving force. I say perceived because reality is really a matter of one’s perception. Life’s path is forever a changing scenery in my world. I have struggled so with the raging tides and turbulent … More Balance

Valentines Day

Yes,…again! I rarely post personal messages to loved ones…anywhere. But sometimes things just need to be said or written out-loud. I love my husband. Sometimes I move through my days in such a way that I almost, imperceptibly, lose sight of how distant I can be in my own life. I fail to notice that … More Valentines Day


Karma really is a bitch. It is also a lot like an automobile. We drive around in our bubble of negative behavior, knowing our actions have repercussion but are so tragically surprised when we get run over by the Mac truck we should have seen coming. Engaging in negative thought and action is nothing more than … More Karma

This Cheese Rocks

  Okay for those of you who know and have tried the Vegan Cheese in my kitchen, this one smokes all the other savory cheeses thus far. Yum! I figured with the herbs fresh in the garden, now is the perfect time for an herbed cheese experiment. I need a good savory cheese for a … More This Cheese Rocks

Move Closer

Move closer to those things that threaten to undermine your joy; the pain is less intense.  It is the fear in life that barriers the agonizing spirit. Sorrow is inevitable, from loss, from gain, from the waiting in between.  It is easy to say learn from this, but ever so hard to do, with a … More Move Closer


Fracture. Recognizing the word has never been an issue; I study rocks, gems, bones, glass, technology, and nature and can consider all of the connotations scientifically. Emotionally, fracture has come to mean something very personal.  I liken the patterns of my life to fracture. Fracture of family, security, connection, ground, and even sanity at times. … More Fracture