This Cheese Rocks


Okay for those of you who know and have tried the Vegan Cheese in my kitchen, this one smokes all the other savory cheeses thus far.


I figured with the herbs fresh in the garden, now is the perfect time for an herbed cheese experiment.Herbs

I need a good savory cheese for a yoga/pool party. Kick my ass then feed me does it get any better?

Herbs from the Garden

I started with a Vegan Cashew base, added parsley, sweet marjoram, chervil, tarragon, and of course garlic. You cannot have too much garlic in my opinion.

Ready to CureCashew Base and Herbs

Stuffed everything in the vita mixer and viola’ I could hardly wait to get it into the mold.



In the Blender. I use a VitaMixer, best kitchen gadget ever!Blender

Here is my fancy tool

Okay, I don’t really use a mold, rather a bowl with cheesecloth. But still.

It smelled amazing and was ready to go in a few hours.  I am really excited about this one. It will definitely be a part of the regular line-up!

Ready to Cure

If you have any interest in curing your own vegan cheeses, I suggest the book Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner – an amazing chef.  You won’t be disappointed.

Who knows, maybe next year you will find me and my cheeses at the market!  Mangia!

You know you want some!



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