For some balance is not even a concept on the radar. The myopic focus on the perceived brass ring is the driving force. I say perceived because reality is really a matter of one’s perception.

Life’s path is forever a changing scenery in my world.

I have struggled so with the raging tides and turbulent moments in my life. I am grateful for those obstacles because they bring me to such points of relief when they pass, and they always pass.

I always wanted to know what it was those people who naturally coexisted with life embodied.

How did they muster such ease of person and always seem to interact with such grace and peace? It almost seemed as though they never experienced any trials or tribulations.

Then, all of a sudden, I stopped resisting self.

I took a deep breath, and I began to smile. At first, just a small eddy of existence in the river I call my life, presented itself. Like Alice into the looking glass, I stepped to the other side, and there I was.

As I continue self-discovery and stop seeking others truths, I come into being. This is a daily reprieve for me.

Through a personal practice of meditation, dancing (privately, but dancing none the less), yoga, and compassion, I become less resistant to knowing myself at such a level that nothing can compromise that understanding.

I no longer fear that I may not exist, save others definition. I no longer assume I will not have value as the person I truly am. Self belief is my faith. Not that you and they don’t matter, but more that you and they are not required so that I may exist.

I believe the tree does make a sound despite the perception of that sound by others.

Someone asked me recently, “doesn’t taking the path of least resistance in life imply that you are lazy or unwilling to work for what you want?” my response was simple, I smiled and stated, quite the opposite really, quite the opposite”. I never did answer the question, I am sure, to the others satisfaction, but I did answer it.

Self-understanding is profoundly ambitious. It means I am always moving, forward, backward, sideways, up and down. I flow with the rise and fall of my life. Though consistency is nice, it is not an expectation. I simply enjoy those things that are present today, in this moment.

Good or bad, life only exists in moments. They are fleeting and if we are consumed but those that have passed or may never pass, we fail to embrace those which surround us now. We fail to find balance.

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