Be Realistic

It struck me this morning as I was perusing the many postings on Facebook. A simple benign peach colored statement, so trivial, it was not really even worth reading twice…to most people. “People will kill you over time, and how they will kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like “Be Realistic”.  Dylan Moran But, … More Be Realistic


Humanity Screams Out-loud Sometimes. I am currently on a news fast. I know its odd, but I just couldn’t stand it any longer. All the anger and violence and injustice. Even though I am not actively engaging in the process of American news entertainment, some information still squeaks into my daily life. I have heard … More Injustice

Happiness Is?

Question the benefit of your life to others and you may just find you are more than you ever thought you were. I saw a short film by Dove called Real Beauty Sketches. It was an interesting perspective of the self. How we see ourselves vs how others see us. It got me thinking about … More Happiness Is?