Humanity Screams Out-loud Sometimes.

I am currently on a news fast. I know its odd, but I just couldn’t stand it any longer. All the anger and violence and injustice. Even though I am not actively engaging in the process of American news entertainment, some information still squeaks into my daily life. I have heard bits and pieces of the incidences in Orlando, Dallas, Louisianna, Minnesota, and Turkey.

Denial of basic rights, in the world, in business, in education, in our justice system, in our hearts, I think is at the root of everything destructive in humanity. It separates us from gratitude and compassion, from love.

Hubris is the most lethal tenancy in human nature. As defined by Aristotle – loosely translated by me – treating others badly to elevate one’s own stature. The softer definition is a lack of humility and indifference.

We like to blame everything for the circumstance in which we find the world today. Everything except our own lack of tolerance. I feel the pressure of intolerance everywhere, in the grocery line, a restaurant, a classroom, on the roadways, even online. Everyone is crowding toward the exit at the same time and humanity is being trampled.

I say the enemy is fear. Not anger, not prejudice, not hatred, no, the root cause of all of our worldly problems is fear. We have all become victims of terrorism in our own way. We have collectively dropped the ball of accountability. Bad behavior is rampant and normal in all societies these days. As we wander closer and closer toward the edge of reason and inevitably anarchy, we must embrace the concept of revolution.

War is not the answer, nor violence or ignorance. We must all take a stand and decide to survive or perish as a society. Our revolution must be one of conscience, not violence. Our revolution must be one that unifies and does not separate. Love is the resounding conqueror of fear and fear is the enemy.

I take a moment from time to time and evaluate those moments in my life when I have truly loved.

  • I love always in the service of others, never in service of self.
  • I laugh louder in the company of others laughing.
  • I love deeper in the arms of someone who feels my intention.

Everything runs in waves of connection to my humanity. I suffer when I am separate.

I think this is where the break is in our human experience. Where the cracks in the sidewalk begin. We start to deny others in service of ourselves. We experience this every day, everywhere; from the moment we begin to think out loud. We struggle to be popular, to be liked, to be accepted, and in that struggle, we begin to choose sides and separate.

It is because of this separation I ache with the suffering of humanity. The stories of separation do not matter what matters is whether or not I can hear them and love humanity for what it offers, just as I would ask humanity to do of me.

In the words of William Wordsworth: And homeless near a thousand homes I stood. And near a thousand tables, I pined and wanted food.

Is it really just another day for you and me, in paradise?

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